What else can you cook in a paella pan

There are dozens of ways to use a Spanish paella pan, take a standard stainless steel or enamel paella pan of around – 36cm in diameter and you can cook . What else can you do with a paella pan? In fact, it was originally a worker’s meal, cooked in the field over a wood fire.

My mother gifted me a paella pan for my birthday, what other dishes can I make with it? Join IMUSA as we show you how to use a traditional Paella Pan with the help of celebrity Chef George Duran. As you may recall, my family’s expensively bought paella pan is more often used for. The paella pan, however, does make a great roasting dish, and is nice .

Instructions for cooking authentic Spanish paella. Or you can cook the paella outdoors on a large gas or charcoal grill, or even over a wood fire, which. Two smaller pans gives you the opportunity to cook two different paellas for your. How many servings you’ll get from the pan will depend on how much rice you . But one recipe I read said you must have a special paella pan.

What’s so special about a paella pan? Read the Paella pan – alternative uses discussion from the Chowhound food community. I actually use a little one to do things like re-heat frozen cooked .


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