Where to buy cheap wine glasses in singapore

Shop for stylish Wine Glasses in Singapore that are made with crystal glass and perfect for your needs. Schott Zwiesel Fine Bordeaux Red Wine Glass (Set of 6) Cheapest in SG(White). INTAGANDE wine glass, light green Height: cm Volume: cl.

IKEA 365+ wine glass, clear glass Height: cm Volume: cl. Riedel, Riedel wine glass, champagne glass, wine glass set, wine glass promotion online,. Moving house and plan to buy a bigger wine fridge.

May Places to Buy Good Wine in Singapore at Low Prices.

House wines can go for as little as $a glass if you decide to chill out for a while. Opening Hours: 10:– 21:daily. Riedel Wine Glass Company is the leading manufacturer of high-end wine vessels.

The popular Riedel value packs are up on sale. At 5pm it’s $a glass, increasing by $every time the clock chimes upon the hour until 8pm when regular prices return.

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