Where to buy good chinese wok

May As pans of a similar shape and size were used in in India and Southeast Asia as well, archeologists speculate that the Chinese wok is an idea . A good wok is one of the most versatile pans in the kitchen. Stainless steel woks, like the All-Clad 14-inch Stir Fry Pan ($200) are a waste of money.

Look for carbon steel woks that are at least 14-gauge (about mm thick). Woks are a must-buy if stir fries and East and Southeast Asian cuisine are. From stir fry to soup, whip up your dinner in a traditional Chinese pan. The best woks heat up quickly, are sturdy but not too cumbersome and have . This is shallower in shape than a normal wok, so best used for frying off veg or.

You don’t absolutely need a wok to create satisfying Chinese meals. Woks are one of the most common utensils in Chinese cooking but how do you buy a good wok? I had the mayer chinese wok, which I find it cumbersome to wash.

DD is keen to learn cooking , so is looking for a good non-stick wok. The trusty wok cooks such a large variety of Asian dishes. It is good for searing meats and making omelettes but flipping food in it is not as effortless.

Pros: Cheap, light and easy to handle, it heats up quickly too. Chinese restaurant chefs tend to prefer iron woks and they’re also suitable for home use.

Mart, a big warehouse-like shop for business or wholesalers to buy their. I bought a large tradition Chinese claypot since my existing one. By and large, this place was good to shop for varieties of ‘not-so-branded’ kitchen . Plus I hear the iron in iron woks is good for the blood. Always remember to test the weight of a wok before you buy.

I am interested in buying a carbon steel wok but am at a loss of what is. Chinese round-bottomed woks from your local Chinatowns are nice .


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