Why does lettuce turn brown when cut with a metal knife

Why Do We Always Have Room For Dessert? May Stainless steel knives will NOT turn lettuce brown, and those stupid plastic knives(which I’ve seen priced up to bucks) are a scam. I have never had lettuce brown around a cut edge any more than it.

Rust on lettuce doesn’t make the greens inedible, but it does make. How much of a difference does tearing actually make? After days, the heads cut with metal knives showed faint signs of browning on.

The torn lettuce was last to brown on its ruptured edges, starting to turn at weeks.

Keeping apples or avocados from browning after being cut is. Three different cutting methods were used: lettuce was cut by a plastic knife, a stainless steel knife, . Its best to tear lettuce or use a plastic or ceramic knife. To those who do not know what I am talking, a lettuce knife refers to a hard.

I wonder if the lettuce cut by a plastic knife will brown in hours while. Maybe a really dull metal knife could bruise and brown lettuce, but with a.


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