Wine cellar temperature

Wine cellar – this is the ideal way to store your wine bottles, temperature and humidity controlled ideally. Wine cellars are a cost effective solution for storing wine . For this reason, wine bottles have traditionally been stored on their sides, so that.

If you are serious about wine you can buy an ‘artificial cellar’, a temperature- . That certain wines must be aged to achieve peak quality is so pervasive in the. Bottles stored to peak quality at higher than proper cellar temperatures will . The purpose of a dual, or two temperature, zone unit is to offer an option to keep.

But if you plan on using your wine cellar strictly for storage, then the one temp . When you know the best temperature to store wine and the right humidity level for your cellar, you can keep your bottles safe for longterm . At Henschke, we recommend that you cellar your wine in ideal conditions, as outlined below. A constant temperature is the most critical factor in cellaring wine. Sep The ideal wine storage temperature is – °F (– °C) and – humidity.

If you don’t have a proper cellar, find out some great . For cellars, the Romans stored wine in the catacombs. The key to aging wine and cellaring wine is temperature control and humidity, along with a lack of light .


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