Y 1731 standard

Operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) functions and . OAM functions and mechanisms for Ethernet based networks. Performance Monitoring (PM) for Ethernet services.

Also Alcatel-Lucent’s 56Service Aware Manager (SAM) and Service Routers and Metro Ethernet Switches support the new OAM standards including Y. There are the two types of frame loss measurement, defined by the ITU-T Y. Junos OS supports only single-ended . Converter Network Interface Devices (NIDs) provide comprehensive support of the ITU-T Y. OAM enhancement is still in progress, other standard bodies are also working. PDU format and procedures defined in ITU-T Y.

Administration and Maintenance (OAM) as defined in IEEE 802. Administration and Maintenance (OAM) standards are designed to simplify the. RFC 53methodologies to support end-to-end. Supporting industry standards, JMEP transceivers are based on decades . The most recent Carrier Ethernet standard is IEEE 802. End-to-end OAM has been added to Ethernet by means of IEEE 802.

MEF E-LMI: Ethernet Local Management Interface. Cisco IP SLA’s: Performance Management using CFM and Y. Протокол мониторинга качества соединений Y. ITU-T, добавляет к стандарту CFM возможность измерять . This section covers the standards that are available for Ethernet.


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