Y type strainer

This article is about the plumbing device. For the cooking utensil, see colander or sieve. In plumbing, a stainless steel strainer is a type of perforated metal sieve .

The most common type of strainers is Y-strainer. Its name is derived from its y-shaped form. This type is commonly used in pressurized lines, . What is the function of a Strainer?

Strainers are important components of piping systems to protect equipment from potential damage due to dirt and other . Our Y Strainer is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of Y Strainer. Strainers come in different configurations such as Y Strainers, Simplex Strainers, Duplex Strainers and Temporary Strainers.

Conical Pipe Strainers; Duplex Pipe Strainers; Simplex Pipe Strainers; Suction Pipe Strainers; T Type Pipe Strainers; Y Type Pipe Strainers. These strainers are generally used where the amount of material to be removed is small and when frequent straining is not needed.


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