Blast chiller

A blast chiller is a device quickly lowering the temperature of the introduced foodstuff, either fresh or pre-cooke maintaining its peculiarities during storage. Originally the blast chillers for trays, GN containers and trolley’s were created to meet the regulatory obligations imposed by french decrees on the May 1995 . There’s a piece of equipment that’s slowly been making its way into restaurant kitchens: the blast chiller. It does exactly what it sounds like: cool . Freddy is the first blast chiller designed for domestic use and is ideal for anyone who cares about sound nutrition and enjoys cooking for themselves and.

Blast Chillers and Blast Freezers available in a great range of sizes and styles. Manufactured and Supplied by Williams Refrigeration.

Shop our commercial blast chiller selection to find the right blast chiller for your restaurant or business. Fast shipping, wholesale pricing and superior service. Freezers and blast chillers Irinox: more freshness and quality foods, lower costs and production time. The technology of blast chilling and storing food service .

Traulsen Blast Chillers and Quick Chillers move food from serving- to storing-temperatures quickly and safely. Blast chillers rapidly cool food by circulating cold air through the unit until temperatures fall to safe levels. They are designed to lower the temperature of cooked . Master-Chill blast chillers and freezers are designed to rapidly reduce food temp below 40°F eliminating the threat of bacterial contamination ensuring food . May With a Blast Chiller, it’s possible to lower the temperature of foods you have just cooked.

You can reduce the temperature of cooked food from . Our range of blast chillers and freezers offer a systematic, safe method of cooling food quickly and hygienically, minimising bacterial growth and preserving food . Blast chilling +90° +3°C All food cooked and left to cool slowly losess its finest qualities. The Icematic blast chiller makes it possible to lower the . Blast Chiller is the electonic controller for blast chillers and freezers with three different levels of access, protected by passwor including top of the range model . Protect and serve your food and your customers. I am offering for sale a Traulsen under counter Lb Blast Chiller Freezer. This unit came from a school system that stopped processing their own food and .


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