Cake sizes and servings

The goal is to determine a cake size that will serve the correct number of guests. Wediquette and Parties: Wedding Cakes- A Sweet Ending to a Great Beginning! This method can be used on round or square cakes and coordinates with the Wilton Wedding Cake Serving Chart servings, based on an industry standard 1x2xdessert sized piece of cake.

Everyone seems to have a different answer so take a look to see what we recommend. The chart below shows two different . Brides Servings (without the top tier cake). G Grooms Servings (using the top tier). H Pan Sizes in Round layer tiers only.

Here you will find my guide to cake sizes and serves, answering the question: how many people does a cake serve? You see, there are differing opinions among bakers about how many servings to expect from different size cakes. Sheet Cake Cutting And Servings Guide Per several requests to post this here, here it is. This is the guide that I created to determine how. Wondering how many people your dessert can serve?

This cake serving sizes guide has the answer for all kinds and sizes of cakes.


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