Decaf coffee pregnancy

May I know this is ol but decaf does use a chemical process to remove the caffeine. Try looking for coffee that removes the caffeine using the non . Is it the taste of coffee you crave?

That’s easy — switch to a quality decaf brew and enjoy the flavor without the caffeine (even espresso comes decaf). May Rosie Pope tackles the tricky question of whether or not decaf coffee is safe to drink during pregnancy. Hint: It depends on the decaffeination . Many pregnant women worry about the safety of caffeine and switch to decaffeinated coffee.

But then they learn that a chemical called ethyl . Study of Caffeine and Miscarriage Yields Surprise Finding About Decaf. That is a question pregnant women have pondered since . I am weeks pregnant with my second baby. For the first baby I never drank coffee so it was never a concern. Before pregnancy, I drank an average of two cups of coffee a day.

While pregnant, I cut all caffeine out of my diet. I didn’t even have decaf coffee, tea, sodas, . So there’s already a lot of talk about the negative effects of drinking coffee when pregnant, but I’ve been a total coffee addict all my life and have .


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