Degaussing machine

Degaussing is the process of decreasing or eliminating a remnant magnetic field. In most commercial equipment the current surge to the degaussing coil is regulated by a simple PTC thermistor device, which initially has a low . Your guide to degaussers and hard drive erasers.

Degaussers contain a controlled magnetic field that is measured in units of gauss or oersteds (Oe). HOW DOES A DEGAUSSER ERASE HARD DRIVES AND TAPES? Find great deals on eBay for Hard Drive Degausser in Electrical Test Equipment.

Degaussing involves using a machine that produces a strong electromagnetic field to destroy all magnetically recorded data.

The NSA, DOD and the UK National Cyber Security Centre, NCSC (Formally CESG) only approve degausser equipment that can ensure total data erasure of . Degaussing Machine For Secure Data Destruction. When the degausser is applied to magnetic domains the . Find the degausser needed to purge your hard drives or magnetic media by browsing through DestructData’s wide range of solutions. See an example of how our hard drive degaussing service destroys data.

Hard Drive Degaussing Machines, Commercial Degaussing Equipment, High Security Tape Degaussers. Our commercial hard drive degaussers offer you a . Manufacturer of degaussers for erasing data and audio tapes, hard drives and other magnetic media. Also provide a mail-in degaussing service and equipment .

On this page you will find a brief guide to degaussers. What is a Degausser – degausser technology technical explanation magnetic degaussing equipment . A degaussing machine subjects a hard drive to a high-intensity magnetic fiel completely rearranging the entire magnetic structure of the drive. In the NSA hq in the evidence room, the problem is the walkthrough states I should open the machine, as does Tex, but I don’t have that . The effect may be so great that welding is impossible. Our degaussing machines easily handle strong magnetism, large wall thicknesses and long components.

May You don’t have to crush a hard drive to securely remove its data. Comercial degaussing machines can remove all a drive’s data in under 10 . Degaussing is most effective when a machine is disassembled and all parts are . Degaussing is a separate process from the computer system. It is a process that utilizes a machine (degausser) to produce a strong electromagnetic field that .


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