Eaton duplex strainer model 50

The Eaton Model plug type duplex strainer’s design is simple and economical, and includes a pressure rated plug valve with integral straining baskets. For larger size pipelines with high flow rates the Eaton Model Butterfly Valve Duplex Strainer offers several unique features and advantages over other large . Continuous flow, no shutdown for basket cleaning; Rugged tapered plug design; Lift jack prevents galling of the plug; Quick open cover—no tools needed; Large .

Model Duplex Basket Strainer, Sizes 5” – 8”. Read all instructions before installation or operation of equipment. Failure to comply with these instructions could . The Eaton Model Plug Type Duplex Strainer is a simple, economical and trouble-free design, time tested in applications around the world over many years.

The Hayward Model Plug Type Duplex Strainer is a simple, economical, and trouble free design…time tested in applica- tions around the world over many . Eaton Hayward Duplex Strainer Model Plug Type . The Eaton Model plug type duplex strainer’s design is simple and economical. This high quality strainer is, in fact, a pressure rated plug valve with . This carbon steel Model duplex strainer is inch with raised face flanges. It features an integral lifting jack for the diverter plug, machined basekt seats, quick . Duplex strainers are widely used to filter out the unrequired damage causing particulate matter from the process media. The system runs continuously without .

Best prices on Eaton Model Duplex Strainers like part number ST0500600F41C. This Cast Iron basket strainer is available now. Duplex strainers remove damage causing particulate matter from the process media, and never have to be shut down for cleaning…the line can run . ST0500500F11C – Model Duplex Strainer from Eaton. The inch cast iron model duplex basket strainer is designed for ease of use.

It has an easy to operate diverter plug that is engaged using just a handle. Eaton’s Model has been the industry standard simplex basket strainer for over years and is perfect for applications in which the line can be temporarily . Centennial Equipment are municipal and industrial pump and mixer specialists, delivering fluid handling products in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, . Buy Eaton Filtration (Eaton) Hydraulic Pump Replacement Parts ST0500800R22C MODEL DUPLEX STRAINER direct from Motion Industries.


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