Elba vs ariston vs la germania

Cooking ranges: Ariston, Elba and La Germania. What we have right now is an Ariston cooking hob glued into the marble countertop and an. We get better breathing air and space here.

Ariston CX61SNc) Elba T61x631F d) Whirlpool ACM 61x e) La Germania FS6031They all belong to the same price range 3000+, . Product focuses on gas range on stoves 4. The salesman informed me that Elba is a good brand than La Germania. That it is made of Italy; that burner won’t get rusty .

As to the bran Ariston is quite cheap and has built-in ovens that can. Elba which is more expensive than La Germania. The built-in oven of La Germania looks good but the pan won’t fit properly inside. Also, is gas hob better or induction better HUH?

I am clueless when come to such things. It’s the distributor of Ariston and GE (oops, not the brands you mentioned) : ) and at times they . La Germania bran Ariston and Elba, these are Italian designed cookers and within our budget.


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