Europace wine cooler manual

EWC 8177S SIGNATURE SERIES WINE COOLER. Wine Cooler with Clear Glass Door (Bottles) – Europace . Shop with us today for our wide range of wine coolers.

When the power is connecte the Wine cooler begins to work,. The wine should be stored at a constant temperature between forty and sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit. If you are unsure of the temperature in your wine cooler, . Because your fine wines deserve only the bestl.

To enjoy wine at its best, it must be stored in an optimum environment . VINTEC offers no guarantee for our wine cellar if it is being used for any. There are many troubleshooting ideas and safety tips that the wine cooler owner should keep in min just in case their cooler decides to act up. Thank for choosing this quality product, please read this manual carefully before using it, it is . Many common wine refrigerator problems can be easily solve saving you the cost of a possible service call.


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