Fizzics beer system amazon

The Fizzics System is the world’s first portable Draft Beer System that improves the flavor and taste of ordinary canne bottled and growler beer. The Fizzics Micro-Foam Technology Leverages Fluid Dynamics And Sound. When you place a can or bottle of beer into the Waytap system and close it, theĀ .

Online shopping for Fizzics at Amazon. Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System, One Size, Black and Silver. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System, One Size, Black and Silver at Amazon.

Fizzics is a revolutionary beer system.

Changing the way people drink beer. Superior quality beer from any can, bottle or growler. Sep The Fizzics beer system averages out of stars on Amazon (read reviews) and its typical list price of $2is currently reduced to $150. The Fizzics Beer System uses science and sound waves to give bottled and canned beer a fresh, draft-style look and taste.

Sep When we first tasted beers from Fizzics’ countertop draught system last summer, we weren’t expecting the device to live up to its lofty claims.


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