Fontignac frying pan

Chef’s tip: Before using it for the first time, wipe the pan lightly with a paper. Chef’s tip: Before using it for the first time, wipe the pan lightly with a paper . The Fontignac Fry Pan helps you create mouthwatering dishes that bring quality, expertise and tradition to your table.

The innovative enamel coating on this fry . Fontignac Round Cast Iron Fry Pan Single Layer Cast Iron ConstructionOven Safe to 485°Enameled Interior. Fontignac Demeyere collection; This frying pan is available in several sizes; Non-stick; Stainless-steel base; Suitable for use on induction hobs .

Fontignac is known for its cast-iron cookware and ovenware, and has earned a reputation among culinary professionals and cooking enthusiastics all around . Read the Fontignac: The enameled cast iron debate continues discussion. When you want to braise meat, sear it in a frying pan first, then .

The Fontignac frying pan is built for durable longevity with a forged aluminium construction and three-layer, non-stick coating with titanium reinf. Fontignac Enamel Cast Iron Fry Pan. Share Share on Facebook Tweet about this on Twitter Share on+ Pin on Pinterest Email this to . Pan fond being the main one and non reactivity to acidic foods being another. Shop Fleur by Fontignac at the Amazon Cookware store.

Quart Cast Iron Enamel Sauce Pan Pot Covered Sauce Pot (Aqua Blue). Find great deals for Fontignac Demeyere – Frying Pan 30cm. Fontignac looks as good as it cooks—the colorful cookware goes.

Enjoy tender roast chicken, succulent steaks and gooey skillet chocolate chip cookies. On your stovetop, in your oven or over your campfire coals, Fontignac’s Cast Iron fry pan cooks up your favorite meals with even heat distribution and nonstick .


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