Glass gallon jug

This is the same jug used in our Gallon Small Batch Starter Kit and the Master Vintner Small Batch Wine Starter Kit for secondary fermentation. Great for fermenting small batches of beer, wine, or mea or storing overflow from a larger batch.

Find great deals on eBay for Gallon Glass Jug in Collectible Modern Bottles. Glass jug, Decorative wine bottles and Wine bottle lamps. Gallon Growler Glass Jug (Case of 4)-This is a case of clear gallon glass growlers. Great for fermenting small batches of beer or wine, also . Gallon Growler Glass Jug -These are clear gallon glass growlers. Great for fermenting small batches of beer or wine, also can be used for making yeast . Freund Container offers a selection of old-time Grab-N-Go Glass Jugs made from reliably-tuff.

Amber Glass Growler Jug (Cap Not Included). Our sizes range from ounces to a gallon, and we stock both the classic UV-absorbing . The Gallon Glass Jugs can be used for secondary fermentations when making wine, and also come in handy for making vinegar. The economy size 1oz finger-loop jugs for your best home brews, vinegars, ciders, kombucha or other beverages.

Wholesale Beer Growlers with Finger Loop Handle – oz. One Clear Glass Jug Gallon For Use In Your .

Glass offers excellent strength, weight, and compatibility for materials that cannot be stored in plastic containers. Our liter glass jug is great for fermenting mead. To make gallon buy this jar, lbs of honey, oz of yeast nutrient mix, packet of yeast and away you go!

Having found that my 750mL bottle was too small for any project requiring hydration longer than hour I. Description: The G0is a gallon clear glass jug with finger handle with 38-4neck finish. This jug is ideal for ciders, juices, home brews, and even . You can also size up and go to a full-gallon size in clear glass bottles. The half-gallons come six to a case while the gallons come four per case.


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