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Chinese ICP (Internet Content Provider) License registration look up checker instantly checks if a domain name is obtained ICP license or not for free. An ICP Number can be used for multiple websites owned by the same company. You can use the MIIT website to check whether a domain .

According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), all websites hosted in Mainland China are required by law to obtain an ICP license. Applying for an ICP license is therefore a mandatory and legal requirement if you wish to access Alibaba Cloud’s web. So let’s break this down, and future readers can check this post for insights and ! To Host in China, You Need an ICP License.

You can use the MIIT website to check whether a domain already has an ICP. ICP license — for example, 京ICP证XXXXXXXX号 — is used for commercial . An ICP license or 备案 is basically a permit issued by the Chinese Ministry of. Note that Application for an ICP license requires a valid Chinese business . If you have a website hosted in China without a valid ICP License, after an initial grace period your hosting company will shut down your . In the recent weeks, the local offices of the ministry of industry and information technology, in charge of ICP licenses, have been auditing . If you want a serious web presence in mainland China, you’ll need an ICP License; and while there’s an increasing interest in cozying up to the . This licence regime was instated by the Telecommunications Regulations of the. If the documents are deemed valid upon review by the provider, they are forwarded onto the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for .

ICP stands for Internet Content Provider). Is it a permit issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information . China ICP License – I understand that you need an ICP license to host a website in China. If I was a hosting provider and my website was . Applying for an ICP license is important for any foreign company that wants to. The application system will then verify the information. ICP License is short for Internet Content Provider License.

If a company wants to use Baidu PPC do they need an ICP license? And MIIT renew it every year, simply just check if you still use it and make sure the . GlobalDots can help you acquire an ICP license, and get your content on a. China is required to regularly check that all their clients comply with the regulation. Getting a valid ICP License is your website’s ticket to online visibility in China. Read more about whether your site needs an ICP license or not. Do I need to file for ICP Recordal or ICP License if I want to host public content.

If the documents are not vali you’re asked to submit additional documents. This FAQ gives you a high level understanding of the types of licenses needed to operate a website reaching consumers, businesses, and employees in China.


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