Ikea kitchen planner not working on chrome

Firefox, IE, Chrome update and Safari. Has anyone ever used the online kitchen planner to do your planning. Chrome browser and I have no major issues with the planner.

Why can’t I open up the Ikea kitchen planner 3d in Goggle Chrome. I too had issues with Firefox, and Internet Explorer. I use chrome and it will work however I had a right faff, kept freezing all the time etc.

Haven’t tried the Ikea planner was going to have a go.

Hi just a couple of ideas – could you not have the sink against the wall and lose a base . After install, Kitchen Planner page reloads but shows no 3D room and has a script error. It work like it does in Chrome and earlier What happens instead? I am trying to install a version of the Ikea Kitchen planner that I can actually. Note: This problem is clearly incompetence by Ikea as Chrome . IKEA kitchen planner wants to see it all.

This, remember, is a kitchen planner: it lets you grab IKEA product. The Register only spotted it because Chrome raised the dialog. The IKEA Home Planner is just that: a planner, and not a designer.

It takes years of experience to work with kitchen designs and find .


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