Indoor plants singapore

A research done by NASA, suggests to keep a plant per 100sqf of a home or an office. Here are some of the best houseplants to: 1. Bringing potted plants into a living space to liven it up is a trick that’s been used by interior designers for years, but did you know that our leafy .

These indoor plants are easy to care for, even in our humid weather, so you won’t need to worry . My favourite indoor plants (featured below) are super easy to upkeep,. Feng Shui plant, the money plant is grown in Singapore to bring . Get the feel-good effect of having plants at home, without needing a green thumb, with these six plants!

This plant is not only beautiful, . Defying all logic, it grows well in low light as well as direct sunlight. This makes for a versatile plant you can leave outdoors or take inside to . House plants that help to clean air in your homes. Areca Palm, Dracaena Corn Plant, Rubber Plant, Peace Lily Boston .


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