Induction disc

Luckily, there are accessories that induction cooking fans can use to avoid cookware incompatibility, such as discs and stainless steel cooktops. Max Burton 608-Inch Induction Interface Disc with Heat-Proof Handle. VonShef Induction Hob Heat Diffuser Stainless Steel with Heat.

An induction disk is exactly what its name says: it is a flat disk that sits on the surface of an induction cooktop and gets heated by the element, . Induction Cooktop Interface Disk allows you to use any non-induction (non-ferrous) cookware including aluminum, glass, copper, porcelain and stainless steel. Such a disc is usually made out of magnetic stainless steel. The disc absorbs the magnetic waves from the induction stove and converts that energy into heat.

If a magnet sticks to its base, your pan will work on an induction stove. For nonmagnetic cookware, the answer might be an induction interface disk, . Make all your cookware induction suitable with induction disks. Shop with us for the best prices online.

Does anyone have any experience using those induction disc things? Can you get some significant heat into the . Shop for Induction Cooktop Converter 11-inch Interface Disc. Your Online Kitchen Dining Outlet Store!

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