Jannpaul octagon diamond

Featuring facets, hearts, arrows and sides, the Octagon diamond not only flaunts a unique shape that is rarely seen on diamonds, but . The Octagon Hearts Arrows diamond outshines traditional cuts thanks to its facets and Hearts Arrows. It’s a very bright, very firey and .

Sep The Octagon diamond is one of the most brilliant diamond ever to be cut. Not only does it have its unique octagon shape with sides, it has 88 . Also known as the D’amor, this diamond cut is a world’s first that you can buy at JannPaul. Discover the exceptional Fire and Scintillation of the Octagon diamond and what makes it one of the most.

The Octagon Diamond has a unique shape which can be set in different ways. JannPaul specializes in Super Ideal Cut diamonds and in-depth. JannPaul added new photos to the albuJP Octagon Hearts Arrows Ring — at . For years, man have struggled to create the perfect diamond. That one stone that can capture the hearts of any, who sets their eyes upon it.

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