Lg fuzzy logic washing machine not draining

May If that did not solve the problem then it may be the “Lid Switch”. Top loading washing machines that have a faulty lid switch will not turn the . Check drain hose thoroughly for any dirt in case of Drain Chocked Error while washing operation.

Troubleshoot Why Your Washing Machine Will NOT Drain. POWER PAIR SPECIAL-LG Turbo Series ultra Large … $2199. The LG washer what a great washing machine. These units have been around for a couple years now are they proven?

The common problem of a washing machine not draining explained and numerous cures for the problem. Question about LG WFT1071TP Top Load Washer. WF-T552TH machine works fine on small loads, but if I put a . I have an LG washer model number WM2455H. If it that small drain hose on the side of the pump that is clogge then that is not a failure. OtherwiseI’ll unplug the machine, take the front off and fill the tub.

LG washing machine and the water is not draining out of it after the rinse cycle, please help. I have LG Fuzzy Logic Top loader WF T655A washer. If the machine at one point was not completely draining the added water to the clothes would weigh .


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