Lungo framework

A que vas a dedicarte los próximos años, meses, 35. Introduce tus claves e inicia el test de orientación universitaria. The idea of Lungo arose in year 20when the craftman Javi Jiménez Villar (soyjavi) saw that hot existing Mobile Frameworks at that time were not powerful .

LungoJS is a framework powered by HTML CSSand JavaScript for creating mobile web. HTMLOptimized Apps Lungo Framework supports open web standards, such as HTML CSSand JavaScript. It brings consistent browser environment .

Lungo is a framework for developers who want to design, build and share cross device applications. Framework de desarrollo de aplicaciones WebApp. Lungo is the first Mobile Framework that uses the actual features of #HTML #CSSand #JavaScript.

The design of Lungo allows you to make . Is there any example on using Lungo. But using phonegap is needed to use HTMLand js too. Seems like a promising framework, following design patterns that have been emerging in Android and Metro apps.

I am testing lungo framework, and by reading their examples. Sep A framework designed for developers who want to design, build and share cross device applications.

Lungo Framework supports open web . From smartphones to desktops, from tablets to smart TVs, all Lungo . Lungo is a framework for developing cross-platform applications in HTML5. Lungo applications are run in the browser, similar to other HTML-based frameworks . HTML CSSand JavaScript, for creating mobile web apps. The applications created with it works in all of . Lungo é um framework HTMLcriado especialmente para ajudar no desenvolvimento de aplicações mobile compatíveis com smartphones, . Lungo: A HTMLCross-Device Framework with Javascript API. Follow us and discover more great tweets! Lungo Lungo is a lightweight mobile framework based on HTMLand CSS3.

Lungo – HTMLCross-Device Framework. Free jQuery CSSNavigation Menu Plugins. Must-Know Tricks for Outlook 200 20and 2013. For the presentation layer we will use a lightweight mobile framework called Lungo that will make our demo application look more native than web based. Use Gibbon to collect and share knowledge with your team or the whole world.

First mobile framework on web Lungo. A framework, powered with HTML CSSand JavaScript, for creating mobile web apps. LungoJS is a one-of-a kind of framework driven by HTML, CSS and. Lungo Framework makes use of actual future features of advanced Web Development. Plataforma de programacion y desarrollo web, unete y comparte tu conocimientos con todos.

No other software package is referencing this project. But in general references from other packages are a good sign. You might consider contacting the Lungo framework authors for advise on . Contract opportunity in London available for a Front-End Developer proficient with JavaScript and JS frameworks!

Contact me on the details in my Bio to find out . OS、Android、Blackberry以及FirefoxOS平台的应用程序。 Lungo.


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