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Whenever I suddenly crave chicken rice, I dream of chicken rice balls in Malacca. Sorry Singapore, this Malaysian city just 3. Technically, we spent only days in Malacca because we had to leave for KL on the 3rd day for Qing Ming prayers.

Photos below were obviously koped from QiuQiu’s blog, you can read . An impromptu but short and sweet Foodie Sightseeing getaway to Melaka over the weekend (Fri to Sun). I’m sharing this itinerary for whoever . Date: Jun 20Event: Melaka Trip Location: Melaka, Malaysia Attendees:.

After alighting, we took a cab to our accommodation for this 3D2N trip at Mio. I’m going to Malacca next week and really glad to read your blog. I just came back from a short 3D2N trip to Malacca during the recent long weekend. I’m sure I don’t need to go into details of the amount of . This is the first time we organized a big group trip with some of the friends in cell group. So we decided to plan a short trip . I don’t believe that I’m the only person in the world who thinks like this so I’ve included the 3D2N Melaka itinerary in this blog post.

My first trip to malacca eat what ah? If you’re like me, who hasn’t been here in ages or are traveling here for the first .

On Friday evening, our family made an impromptu decision to take a road trip to Melaka! It’s been a long time since we last visited so I was . Rachel family had planned for a days nights of free and easy self driven trip over to Malacca as the one we went during our day trip was . I recently went for a 2D1N Malacca Trip for Chinese New Year shopping together with my family. But i must say Jonker Street is one of the must visit place in Malacca. D2N Montigo Resorts Nongsa, Batam Pt 1. A stay at home mum, blogging to widen her social life.

The best tour in Melaka, best foo best people, best hotel! Malacca Travel Tours (Historical of Malaysia MELAKA). Jonker Street has always been one of my favourite spot to go in Malacca.

I always love the historical and antique shop lots but the traffic there . This post will be on Malacca in which I have been there recently! Sep We had a car even before we got married (that’s about or years ago?) and we had never gone on a road trip to Malaysia before. It’s my birthday trip with Bestie Double Date! We were supposed to drive in but we decided to take the bus only on the day itself Lf’s car had . Took a rest a while then walk over to Melaka MegaMall for our lunch.

I wanted to take advantage of this and asked my hubby if we can have a short trip to nearby Malacca, Malaysia.


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