Oxy urban dictionary

Short for the most tremendous medication ever created – OXYCONTIN! All one must do is remove the outer coating, crush into a fine powder, and then. OC, O are street names for this popular narcotic.

To take oxy you have to bypass its time relaes, you can do this by peeling off th. Sustained-Release, which contains only oxycodone. Oxycontin is a controversial drug which is specially coated to deliver small amounts of oxycodone over a long peroid of time.

Roxys or Roxicodone is instant release oxycodone.

Doctors are starting to use them to replace oxycontin. They come in and 30mg strengths. A girl who will do anything sexual for oxycotin. Usually addicted and broke, most of these girls bang the drug. Joseph Smith but tries really hard to be something else and fails miserably . Gas which animals need to survive and is produced by plant life.

Tree-hugging hippies would like you to believe that of the oxygen in the world. This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of Oxy is. American, English, and Urban slang) .

All one must do is remove the outer coating, crush into a fine powder, and then rail it in your nostrils! Answer – Answer: i looked it up in urban dictionary and they say oxycotton is a synthetic. At first I was thinking Oxycontin or Oxycodone because I’ve heard those refered to as Oxies, so I figured they just put an R in front but when I .


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