Raffles lighthouse open to public

The Raffles Lighthouse, typically closed to the public, will be open for visits. The lighthouse has been in operation round the clock since 1855. The Raffles Lighthouse, one of the three working lighthouses outside of Singapore, will be open for the public to visit in April this year.

Built in 185 the Raffles Lighthouse was named after Sir Stamford. Raffles Lighthouse is not usually open to public due to security issues. For the first time, the lighthouses will be open to the public for viewing.

The Raffles Lighthouse was named after, and dedicated to the.

The lighthouse began operations on Dec 18and is still in operation today. Lighthouse keeper Syed Hassan Syed Agil Al-Yahya at the top of the Raffles Lighthouse earlier this year (top). A group photo with the iconic Raffles Lighthouse. PROHIBITED AREA AT PULAU SATUMU (RAFFLES LIGHTHOUSE) AND WATERS SURROUNDING A RADIUS OF 3METRES AROUND . On land the club has regular country club facilities for its members, including a pub and restaurants that are open to the public . Raffles lighthouse, built in memory of Sir Stamford Raffles, was constructed in 1855.

Located at Singapore’s southernmost island of Pulau . Raffles Lighthouse is a lighthouse located on Pulau Satumu in the Singapore Strait, about 14. It’s not open to public except for certain occasions where the lighthouse is open up to the public for visits unless you’re a minister I guess.

Check out Raffles Marina as a non-member and enjoy what it has to offer. Visit to Raffles Lighthouse (Pulau Satumu) ~. The invitation to the lighthouse seems to be only opened to the public annually and it is . Pulau Satumu houses the Raffles Lighthouse which was built in 1855. The Raffles Lighthouse is one of four offshore lighthouses operated by the. Unfortunately, the island isn’t open to public visits, only under guided visits . Singapore Heritage Festival walking tour to visit Raffles Lighthouse, Sultan.

SHF managed to organise this free tour for the public, but participants had to be 21. Raffles Lighthouse was built in 18and was named after the founder of . For the past two years (to my best knowledge!), the Raffles Lighthouse had been opened to the members of the public for a tour and even a . On the way to Raffles Lighthouse, participants will also sail by the picturesque Sultan Shoal Lighthouse. Only open to public above years old.

Currently undeveloped but will be open to public in 2015. One Tree” in Malay and the Raffles Lighthouse is located on this island. Singapore Maritime week, there was an invitation for the public to visit Raffles Lighthouse.

Raffles Lighthouse is on Pulau Satumu, hour away.


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