Reebonz real or fake

Do not buy bags from reebonz they do not sell genuine prada, balenciaga, miu miu etc. Reebonz they are selling fake products! I highly suspect they are selling both real and replicas which is why .

How-does-Reebonz-com-get-and-sell-luxury-brands-at-a-disc. SimilarThe ‘Outlet Store’ Model The business model is similar to how outlet malls work. Reebonz pretty much plays the role of an outlet mall, but online.

A few months back, I bought a vintage kelly from Reebonz closet. And as you know reebonz claims they have authentication experts to look at . Customers experience: A trust company which i trust to purchase luxury. I think they sell high-end un-authentic pieces that could look very real. It looks plastics, by looking the bag condition i belip its fake one.

And that’s why when Reebonz, a discounted luxury brand store, told me they wanted to give me a free bag, I was really quite excited! Reebonz (pronounced ribbons) is a Singapore based company that sells luxury goods at a discounted price. Now, I’m not 1 sure if those pearls are real pearls but I’ve done some basic.

May Renowned flash sale site Reebonz now has a new addition, and it’s called Closets.

I decided to test it out since I have stuff that I’d like to put up . Today I’d like to talk about one of these sites, called Reebonz. I didn’t expect to see current bags on Reebonz, and indeed I did not,. I just got a lady dior from there and went to the dior boutique to get it checked. User reviews and information about Reebonz.

See our detailed report about Hermes reseller Reebonz. Sep Buy Beware Of Fake Balenciaga Seller in Singapore,Singapore. I received email and call from Reebonz my bag . She traded her YSL bag for a fake Chanel bag,. My latest handbag purchase from the Reebonz Australia offline sale at the Marriott Brisbane in July 2012.

It’s not that hard to tell a fake from the real deal especially with so many tips on the net these days. Checkout some quick hacks to tell them apart. You can imagine her surprise when the buyer got in touch with her and asked her if she knew that the handbag was in actual fact, fake?

We read that Reebonz founders conducted market research into consumers’ buying patterns online, which eventually sparked off the idea of . Do you agree with Reebonz Australia’s TrustScore? Sep I’ve got no interest in carrying a fake, even if the designer’s name was.


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