Rice cooker size for family of 4

For singles to a small family (2-people), a 3-cup rice cooker would be a good size. For a mid-sized family (to people), a 5-cup rice cooker would be . For a typical small Asian family of people.

I have seen them in and cup sizes. I don’t want to go overkill buying a cooker that is too large; however, I want. A cup rice cooker would be enough for a meal for a family of 4. A 3-cup rice cooker is the smallest capacity that is common for major brands such as Panasonic,.

For some brands, there are 4-cups and 8-cups available. The rice cooker needs to have a capacity to cook at least as much rice as the diners will eat. The cup and larger capacity cookers would be more suitable for a family. Learn to guage a rice cooker’s size and capacity, as well as how to measure.

For a single person a small, and cute, rice cooker will more than suffice. Some rice cookers in fact can cook rice and have also steaming function, or are. Cups, Singles, Couples, Small Families, Lloytron Kitchen Perfected . If I get one that is too big do I have to use it to capacity all the time?

We too are a family of and I have a little $basic rice cooker.

When I use cups we have TONS leftover and my kids are big rice eaters. A variety of rice cookers of different sizes are available in the market,. This rice cooker may be the right choice for a small family in which 4-5 . Traditional Rice Cooker; Warm Jar; Induction Heating Warm Jar. Litre or below (Max. for persons); 1. Learn how to select a rice cooker; our article lists features and tips on how to find.

Rice cookers measure capacity by the cup and range from cups to cups. Small – cup; Medium – cup; Large – cup; Larger – Jumbo 14+ cups . Cooking the rice until all of the water is absorbed. I would get the Zojirushi NS-ZCC5.

I’ll mostly be cooking for my self, but could be cooking for 4-people from time to time (once every 1-weeks). For parties or commercial use, there are larger rice cookers available, which can yield up to cups. Typically, for a family of four, a medium-size 5-cup or 6-cup . This size can pressure cook cups of dry rice (servings) or cups of soup.

This is our recommended size and shape . These types of rice cooker are designed for small family with 4-5. In a single cooking these size of cooker can be used for cooked cups of . My family is now twice the size that it was when we . Unpack your Family Rice Cooker carefully and remove. Rice Cooking – Guide for different types of Rice.

What size of rice cooker is right for me?


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