View range revit 2016

The view range is a set of horizontal planes that control the visibility and display of objects in a plan view. The horizontal planes that define the view range are Top, Cut Plane, and Bottom. The following elevation shows the view range of a plan view: Top , Cut plane , Bottom.

Specify the primary range and view depth along with other parameters as you sketch objects in a plan region. Click View tabCreate panelPlan Views drop-down (Plan Region). If the value for Cut Plane is specified as Parent View’s Level, then the level used to define all the clip.

For some reason my View Depth is associating with the Top-Primary Range instead of the bottom as it is supposed to.

Before you go any further into this article, by far the easiest way to understand Revit’s View Range settings is to watch my video tutorial. Charlie Setterfield explains and illustrates Revit’s View Range controls. When determining why an element in the Revit plan view is not displaying, a user may try to troubleshoot the situation by referring to the View Range. Master the view range settings in Revit. Learn how to adjust view range properties (Top, Cut Plane, Bottom, and View Depth) to control exactly how.

Elements outside of the view range do not display in the view. The exception to this is if you set the view underlay to a level outside the view range.


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