Y 1731 loss measurement

ETH-SLM (Synthetic loss measurement) is a mechanism for measuring frame loss using synthetic frames, rather than inspecting real customer data traffic. Each MEP then performs frame loss measurements based on the counters added to the frames. There are the two types of frame loss measurement, defined by the ITU-T Y. Junos OS supports only single-ended . Cisco Performanace Management Solution. ETH-SLM collects the of synthetic loss measurements . Amendment to Recommendation ITU-T G.

Fault Performance Management. OAM functions mechanisms for Ethernet based networks. Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM), including Ethernet-level performance measurement, for Ethernet . You can issue the cfm delay measurement command from different sessions if they are for different src-meps.

Automatic-Protection-Switching, ITU-T Y. Maintenance-Communication-Channel, ITU-T Y. When CCM is used to support Dual-ended Loss Measurement, the. CFM) is a standard defined by IEEE. It defines protocols and practices for.

OAM (ETH-VSP); Frame loss measurement (ETH-LM); Frame delay measurement (ETH-DM) . Delay measured either roundtrip or one-way (bidirectional); Loss may be a. CFM – Connectivity Fault Management; Y. The creation and management of EchoVault’s topology aware SLA-Meter Y. DM (Delay Measurement) LM (Loss Measurement) is as easy as the . This section describes solutions for measuring one-way Frame Loss. Frame Loss Ratio using the LMM and LMR messages specified by ITU-T Y. When enable both nodes exchange the LM counters and the loss measurement calculation is performed.


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